A Day of Being a University Student 一日大學生


“A Day of being a University Student" — 7th January 2015

The goal of every student is to be a university student. Students in our school were given a chance to be a one-day university student at Polytechnic University. They were taken care of by the PolyU students that day. Besides visiting some faculties and playing games in PolyU, our students had a chance to attend a lecture on mnemonics and leadership.

Tony Wong  (6A): A Golden Opportunity in my Life
I strongly recommend the Day Camp at Poly U to my schoolmates because I really appreciated it.

We have learnt a wide variety of things today. To cite an example, being patient is inevitable. I could certainly master this spirit through participating in a game called ‘ Running Man’. During this game, we had to overcome all the obstacles.

I understand that success is not an easy thing. However, if we can persist and never say never, then success will be in front of us.

Ivan Wong (5A): A Day of being a University Student

One day, my English teacher told me about a visit to Polytechnic University. I thought it was very interesting, so I joined the visit.

The next day, my schoolmates and I met in our school hall. Then, we went to our destination with two teachers and four university students by coach. They were very nice. After thirty minutes, we reached the university. My first impression was that the red buildings really made me feel good.

Then, we visited a lot of places like the Faculty of Business and School of Design. The students in Polytechnic University were talkative and they were willing to answer our questions.  I will not forget this trip for the rest of my life.

Silvia Leung (6A): Fun in the Polytechnic University

On 17th January, some schoolmates from different forms got a chance to visit Polytechnic University and became university students for one day. Fortunately, I was one of them and I had a wonderful experience in this activity.

The activity was divided into three parts. First, some PolyU students told us some information about PolyU and walked around with us to tell us more about the details of various subjects. They not only helped us to learn more about our favorite subjects, but also let us do more preparation for the future.

The next part was to let us have a lesson in a lecture hall. They taught us some mnemonics and the elements of good leadership. It was so worthwhile to have this lesson.

The final part was a hunting game. We had to answer some questions and complete a mission with a few students from the university. They let us run around the whole campus of Polytechnic University. Owing to our speed, my group won this game. Even though our time was short, we had fun with our ‘One day identity’. The students from Polytechnic University were so enthusiastic that they gave us many useful details about university life and the DSE. I am glad that I could take part in this activity and I felt thankful for everything they have done for us.

Edwin Lam (6C): An Enjoyable Day in Polytechnic University

On 17th January, our school organized a meaningful activity – A Day of being a University Student. With a view to making students experience the university life, it was a great honor for me to join this activity. Our teachers told us that the activity was prepared several months before; therefore, I was looking forward to this day.

To begin with, we were divided into two groups. Polytechnic University is smaller than the other universities, but there was a rich atmosphere for studying. There was a special structure in the doorway. It was a fountain. There was a claim that “If you touch the fountain’s water, you cannot graduate from Polytechnic University." So college students were afraid of the fountain’s water. Maybe it is superstitious, but I think it is really interesting. Afterwards, we went to an artistic building. There were many objects designed by students such as shoes, clothes, pictures and computer software. Some of the shoes and products were for sale. We also attended a lecture on mnemonics and leadership. It was really a meaningful lecture.

After lunch, we played a hunting game. We needed to go though each corner of the university. We were divided into four groups for the competition. I had to cover my eyes and listen to my partner’s order to find a balloon. I was really scared when I covered my eyes. I couldn’t see anything. I could only listen and try to find the balloon. After a while, we completed the mission. I understood the importance of teamwork. When I passed each corner of the university, I saw the college students doing different things, such as playing basketball, reading books in the library and enjoying lunch. University life is really colorful, isn’t it?

After we had got to school, I was very tired. However, I learned a lot from this activity. I know that I need to work harder if I want to become a college student.

 William Lam (6C): A Day of Being a University Student

I joined the Poly U Day Camp on 17th January. This day camp was for our schoolmates to spend one day at university. On that day, I felt the freedom of university life. This activity helped me learn more about the environment of the Polytechnic University.