I want to be a Boss 我要做老板


“I Want to be a Boss" — 24th January 2015

In order to make our students more familiar with the marketing skills in the Young Innovators Bazaar held in Hollywood Plaza in February, students from Polytechnic University held a 5-hour workshop called “I Want to be a Boss" in our school on 24th January. Through a series of activities and presentations, our students learned a lot about the marketing skills for making profits.

Huang Shi Ting (5A): Insights from the Bazaar
I was given a chance to help with the Young Innovators Bazaar in Hollywood Plaza for three days. I realized that it was difficult to run a business during the Chinese New Year. Also, efforts and rewards are not necessarily proportional. But if you work harder, you must be rewarded with a sense of achievement.
Moreover, if we continue to collect different experiences, we will have more chances to succeed in the future.