Society Game 模擬社會遊戲


Society Game –3rd and 13th February 2015
Over 20 enthusiastic students from Polytechnic University came to our school twice to hold a “Society Game" for our Form 4 and Form 5 students on 3rd and 13th February respectively. Through a series of game booths and sharing from the PolyU students, our students learned that a better future is usually brought about by studying hard and working hard.

Alex Chiu (5A): Making a Wise Decision in the Game

This month, we played a game called “Society Game" which was organised by the students of Polytechnic University. It was a good experience for us to play this game.
It was a game about society and the way you chose to live. First, you got a graduation certificate from a high school and you had to work to make a living. Then, you could study to get a bachelor degree or a master degree. If you got a higher education, it would be easier for you to earn more money from the place you worked. For example, if you got a bachelor degree in a shop, you could get $100 and a master degree would enable you to get $500 per hour if you successfully sold something in the shop.
There were a total of five ways to get money: Working in a construction site, selling things in a shop, making paper stars, singing a song or performing a show to everyone and gambling in a casino.
When I played the game, I chose to pursue a bachelor degree . Then I went to the shop and worked there. I successfully sold all the juice, so I got $100. I thought it was worth earning more money after furthering my education.
The game only lasted for one and a half hours, but we learned a lot from the game. I am looking forward to playing this game next time.

Huang Jun Di (5A): A Thoughtful Game

I was very glad to take part in the Society Game. In the Game, I met people from all walks of life. I needed to solve different problems in different situations. It was a good experience for me before my working in society in the future.

Lam Ka Yee (4A): Insight from the Meaningful Game

A school is a miniature society in which we encounter weal and woe. There is no denying that society is totally different from schools. As the old saying goes, “In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson". This is what we should bear in mind.

As we all know, our school has co-operated with the Polytechnic University . We are grateful to receive their assistance. It is our honour.

On 13th February, a few of their students came to our school to hold a game called “Society Game". First, they spent some time decorating the Innovative Workshop and prepared some beverages as prizes. Then, they patiently explained to us how to play the Game.

When the Game began, many students chose to fold paper stars to earn their living. It really reflected the brutality of society. Some of my classmates chose to be “singers". While they were singing, it was an ice-breaking moment for them to show their talents.

After the activity, those students from Polytechnic University explained the meaning of the Game to us. “If you want to succeed, you must pay more attention to your studies. If you think you can, you can!" They inspired us a lot. Thanks for their meaningful teaching. I will remember their words forever!