Project WeCan Young Innovators Bazaar in Hollywood Plaza 趁墟做老闆


Young Innovators Bazaar 2015 — 6th-8th February 2015
Young Innovators Bazaar is a great occasion for our students to plan and implement their business plan. As a part of Project WeCan Funding Scheme, our school was sponsored to hold a bazaar in Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hill. Students enjoyed the experience with the students from Polytechnic University during these three days.

Chiu Ka Yee (5A):An Impetus in my Life

In February, I joined the Young Innovators Bazaar in Hollywood Plaza. We prepared for it three months before. In the process of planning, I learnt the importance of teamwork. In fact, running a business needs a plan; otherwise, there will be some confusion.
Although we were tired in these three days, we were very excited. It was because each of us had a chance to be a boss!


Diana Ng (5A): Wonderful Scenes in the Bazaar    

Our school joined a bazaar in Hollywood Plaza in February. It lasted for three days. I was responsible for performing a dancing show on the stage. I saw my classmates busy selling dolls to the customers. We had so much fun there!


Peter Chu  (6A):Unforgettable Episodes 

A few days ago, I helped Mr. Lai to move the Muppets to Young Innovators Bazaar 2015 before Lunar New Year. Our schoolmates and university students showed their enthusiasm about selling the Muppets.

This event was very meaningful. I hope our schoolmates can join more activities like this next year.


Huang Shi Ting (5A): Insights from the Bazaar

I was given a chance to help with the Young Innovators Bazaar in Hollywood Plaza for three days. I realized that it was difficult to run a business during the Chinese New Year. Also, efforts and rewards are not necessarily proportional. But if you work harder, you must be rewarded with a sense of achievement.

Moreover, if we continue to collect different experiences, we will have more chances to succeed in the future.