A Site Visit In Hong Kong 香港一日遊


A Sightseeing Activity (28th February, 2015)

On 28th February, organized by Polytechnic University and LEGO tutor in our school, over 30 students joined a field trip to tour around the Tamar Park and HK Observation Wheel. At last, they enjoyed their delicious lunch at the University of Hong Kong.


Sonia Chan (5A): A Relaxing Trip

Last Saturday, we visited the HK Observation Wheel, Tamar Park and the University of Hong Kong.

Firstly, we arrived in Central near the Wheel. It was very big. It would become more beautiful at night with the background of neon lights.

Then we took photos in Tamar Park. There was a path facing the sea. It was so romantic.

Lastly, we took the MTR to the University of Hong Kong. We walked around the university. The campus was so pretty.

It was a good day!

黃志宏 (四甲): 認識香港的建築