Learning English through Appreciating Other Cultures 欣賞外國文化及學習英文


Learning English through Appreciating other Foreign Cultures (11th and 18th March 2015)

An exchange student from Turkey and some students from Polytechnic University came twice in March to teach our F.1 students the essence of Turkish culture and other cultures all over the world. Some special Turkish delicacies were served. All our students enjoyed the lessons very much.

Wong Tsz Lam (1A): An Interesting Activity

Yesterday I joined an activity. It was about foreign culture. The activity was held in the Innovative Workshop from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

First, a Turkish introduced his country. He showed us some pictures about Turkey. He shared some delicious Turkish food with us.

After that, we tasted the Turkish food. I thought it was very delicious but it was a little bit sweet. I had some Turkish tea too.

At last, I learned some Turkish words; I could say “good bye” and “thank you” in Turkish.