Grand Opening of PWC and Collaboration with PolyU in our School 學校起動計劃及理有心齊起動啟動禮


Kick-off Ceremony for Project WeCan and Collaboration from Polytechnic University — 28th November 2014

On 28th November, it was a grand occasion which marked the “kick-off" of the support from Project WeCan 2 Funding Scheme and the collaboration with Polytechnic University for our school. Director K.C. Leung and Dr. Florence Wu were the guests of honour for the aforementioned company and university respectively. After a simple opening ceremony, a series of support and collaboration would be held.


Peter Chu  (6A): “A Tough Nut to Crack"

I was a student helper for the grand opening of Project WeCan Funding Scheme on our school Sports Day. I had never joined this kind of event before, so it was a big challenge for me. I needed to understand every step of this event and follow the orders I was given.