The Project WeCan 2 Funding Scheme not only provides our school with tangible financial support for implementing our curriculum of “Learning English through Building Bricks" in the extension time, but also provides a myriad of opportunities for our students to widen their horizons and demonstrate their talents. To cite an example, the participation of Young Innovators Bazaar in Hollywood Plaza provided a valuable opportunity for our students to run a business for three days.

Also, the Project WeCan 2 Funding Scheme offers a lot of caring services and real-life scenarios for our students to plan for their future. For example, the arrangement of each company visit really inspires our students with the real-life situation of each company. What’s more, the In-Service Training Programme provides our students with a chance to learn and work in one of the prestigious companies of the Wharf (Holdings) Limited. Whenever a programme is announced, many of our students will surely take the initiative to join as they are mature enough to know that all the programmes are of high-quality and they feel that they are the family members of Wharf (Holdings) Limited and their future is taken care of!

With further support from Polytechnic University, our students also have a chance to communicate with university students and know more about university life through a series of programmes organised by them.

Actually, the experience derived from all the supplementary activities of the Scheme and those organised by PolyU students surely provide them with constructive insights for their future career planning. This will help to sharpen their competitive edge in the future.

On behalf of our school, I would like to show my heartfelt thanks to Bruce Shum, the architect and co-ordinator of the Project WeCan 2 Funding Scheme from Wharf (Holdings) Limited, who has provided a lot of updated information and advice for the benefit of our students.

In a bid to share the benefits brought by the Project WeCan 2 Funding Scheme, the photos of each activity will surely be telling. Thanks for your attention.

Lai Chi Wai
(English Panel Head & teacher-in-charge of the Scheme)