銀樂隊成員參加 music @ e-contest 2020 國際音樂大賽,榮獲多個獎項

於疫情期間,本校銀樂隊繼續為成員提供免費單對單樂器網課,並積極參與Music@e-contest 2020 國際音樂大賽。15 位隊員分別參加個人獨奏項目,共獲得10 個銅獎以及5 個優異證書,成果豐碩。

Music@e-Contest is an international online music contest that opens to all. The contest allows participation of musicians, music lovers and students from different countries or regions, and of different ages.

Music @ e-Contest 2020
班別 參賽者姓名 Category Instrument Award
4A 呂曉靜 E [Solo]Clarinet Bronze Award
4A 陳彥斌 E [Solo]Clarinet Bronze Award
3B 何詩怡 D [Solo]Euphonium Bronze Award
3A 洪莎茜 D [Solo]Flute Bronze Award
3A 廖芷咏 D [Solo]Flute Bronze Award
4A 洪凡凡 E [Solo]Flute Bronze Award
3A 鄭曉桐 D [Solo]Saxophone Bronze Award
4A 何綽琦 D [Solo]Saxophone Bronze Award
4A 周雅婷 E [Solo]Saxophone Bronze Award
3A 劉敏銳 E [Solo]Trumpet Bronze Award
3A 曾紫凝 D [Solo]Clarinet Merit Certificate
3B 黃靜怡 D [Solo]Clarinet Merit Certificate
4A 吳嘉慧 D [Solo]Clarinet Merit Certificate
4B 陳彥科 D [Solo]Clarinet Merit Certificate
4B 張韻雪 E [Solo]Flute Merit Certificate