English Department

Aims and Objectives


build up a stronger English language environment on campus


enable learners to broaden and deepen the language competencies they have developed through basic education


enhance learners’ awareness of language learning in daily life


develop learners’ interest and confidence in using English as their understanding and mastery of the language grow


Useful links

World news



Teen Vogue



These stories are accompanied with exercises. Answers are provided and a score is given for each answer.

A free website with more than 500 reading lessons. Every lesson comes with free audio, a free printable worksheet and a free multiple choice quiz

This is a section of the British Council especially aimed at teens. Stories and articles are written at three different levels A2 (elementary), B1 (intermediate) and B2 (upper-intermediate). There are also online interactive multiple choice exercises to test your comprehension and a grammar exercise based on the text.



BBC – 6 minute English

ESL Lounge

News in level



BBC 英語教學

BBC 英倫網



Story online

ESL video

Book creator (免費注册,可出版自己的電子書)




Human Scrabble was organized for S1 to S3 students during lunch time by Dr Murray and the relevant junior form English teachers.



Christmas Tree Decoration & Christmas songs: Cross-subject English activities (Music Department and English Department): Our NET helped teach around 40 students from school Choir to sing Christmas songs and identify members of the Holy Nativity set.



English Debate: S3 students did a debate on space exploration.



Students in each class are invited to present an English story book in front of their classmates during the reading periods. 


Drama Workshop: S2 students attended a 20-hour Drama Workshop. They participated in a live show called “The Tempest” in Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium.


S1 Orientation: The newly-joined S.1 participated in 3-day Fun Camp organised by our NET.  Students performed a mini-drama as an “exit-ticket” to the Camp.


The Riddle Lantern Fair: On September 28, the Ming Yuen family celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, and everyone had a fantastic time.  The event took place in the school library where gorgeous paper lanterns were hung with riddles attached.  Junior form students participated eagerly and spent their English lessons in the library guessing answers to lantern riddles to win prizes.


Students' Good Work

Dan 王冠棋 (3A)

Jamilliah 江美妮 (3B)

Fanny Hung 洪凡凡 (4A)

Michael 馬志穎 (4A)

Samantha 周雅婷 (4A)

Henry 梁子浩 (5A)

Vincent 陳梓進 (5A)